QSO Log Book:

Date Time Call Band
07.14.98 08:40 cst KA5HJB 2m
  • Short Conversation with John regarding my first broadcast. He reported that my signal was very clear and strong. After I found out where the repeater is, I understood why. I was in a clear line of sight from the repeater on Coit while speaking with him about 2000 feet from the tower atop Columbia HCA Plano Hospital.
07.14.98 17:15 cst Various 2m
  • Drive home conversation with lots of people. Very warm welcome by everyone. Only names I can remember, and I can't remember a single call are: Suzie, Henry, and Stand. There were many more welcomes though.
07.14.98 21:00 cst K9WYB 2m
  • Spoke with Jim regarding repeater location. Another welcome to HAM community and a welcome to the Plano repeaters. Volume was quite weak on call according to Jim, will be stopping by Texas Towers this afternoon to see if I can get a better antenna for home. I'm also gonna look at maybe a rig for the apartment. Unfortuantely I missed Jim's callsign.
07.15.98 19:00 cst ______ 2m
  • Helped out a guy from South Carolina find Texas Towers. My first good deed. :)
07.15.98 20:00 cst WA6SXC 2m
  • Contacted Mark who had just flown in from California. Heat sucks. I do believe that was the general consensus. West coast was around 70 degrees, wish I was there.